About us

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Todd Gribble,
Owner of PipeDoctor, LLC.

Todd Gribble is the sole owner-operator of PipeDoctor, LLC. He began plumbing professionally at 18, working his way from Apprentice, to Journeyman Plumber, to Master Plumber, to Plumbing Contractor. PipeDoctor, LLC officially began in 2015. Todd, who is now in his late 20's, has a decade of plumbing experience in all aspects of the trade.

PipeDoctor is unlike other companies for many reasons. Because it is a single-member LLC, you always receive top-tier service. You never have to question if the technician is adequately trained or authorized to make decisions. Todd has 10 years of experience and constantly strives to break the mold, improving the light in which tradesmen are viewed.

When you allow a person to enter your home or business, there should be no doubt in your mind that this person is honest, transparent, knowledgeable, and highly motivated to identify and solve the problem the first time.

Give us the opportunity to prove that PipeDoctor, LLC is unlike any plumbing company you've worked with before. We will exceed your expectations, providing you with a service experience second to none.

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